In the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas and in the World

 Creation Cares!

God's Creation gives us air, water, food, fuel, fiber, building materials, shelter, protection, beauty, solace -- Creation gives us life. 

But Creation needs our care. 

We humans are in a process of major change, possibly the most profound and rapid we have ever experienced. Some people choose to deny it, many others are overwhelmed or in despair, while others say it's God's business, not mine. The Episcopal Church offers a positive alternative to those responses: 

As we are called by God to care for creation, The Episcopal Church supports policies that protect the natural resources that sustain all life on Earth. The Church calls for policies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, promote sustainable energy, encourage the safe and just use of natural resources, and support communities impacted by a lack of environmental stewardship and environmental racism.  

The Episcopal Church Office of Government Relations Creation Care.  

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But we are in chaotic times and it is difficult to know what to do or even what to believe. Reinhold Niebuhr's words, known as the Serenity Prayer, are appropriate:

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Fr. Steven Charleston, former Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Alaska and an elder in the Choctaw Nation, offers a vision of the world that can emerge if we put our faith into action:

Would you believe me if I told you we were the forerunners a great spiritual renewal? What if I said this renewal would change our global culture at the end of this century? That it will see the emergence of a new mysticism in contrast to technology and a strong social conscience of sustainability and justice. We are at the very beginning of this movement. We will not all live to see its first moments of birth, but we will have the joy of knowing that we were the shoulders on which others stood to make it a reality. History will show that what we did today to lift up an open-minded spirituality, welcoming to all people, made a difference. Our choice to stand together, to advocate for justice, and to heal this planet will be recognized as the breakthrough. Because we did not give up, they excelled. Would you believe me if I told you that? 

We on the DWTX Creation Care Committee believe what Bishop Charleston wrote. We are committed to work to make his vision real. This website contains information that can help us all build resilience within our communities to grow our faith as we move into a climate-changed world. 

DWTX Creation Care Committee Members

Chairperson David Schrantz,

Fr.  Bruce Wilson, Corpus Christi

Christopher Fullerton, St. George's, San Antonio

Fr. David Archibald, St. Andrew's, San Antonio

Fr. Dustin Barrows

Dr. Jim Kimmel, St. Mark's, San Marcos

Margo Case, St. Mark's, San Marcos 

Nancy Schweers, San Antonio

Nick Hoover, St. Mark's, San Marcos

Sam Gilliam, Church of Reconciliation, San Antonio 

Steve Gilliam, Church of Reconciliation, San Antonio

Suzanne P. Scott, Church of Reconciliation, San Antonio

Tina Kuykendall, St. Mark's, San Antonio

The website is the product of work by volunteers from St. Mark's Episcopal Church in San Marcos, Texas, and members of the Creation Care Committee of the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas (DWTX).

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