St. Mark's Episcopal Church

Earth Care Team 

A community of Earth and its living things, including all people.

For decades we've been warned about the dire things that will happen if we don't take care of Earth. But we barely heeded those warnings. The warnings were true, as we now see. But maybe the message should have been "Here are some wonderful things that will happen to you and your people if you live gently with Earth, your island home." 

This website is a source of ideas and methods that can help us live gently with Earth in ways that can enliven our faith and enrich our lives in priceless ways. At the same time, this way of living transforms us into true caregivers of God's creation. 


The website is the product of work by volunteers from St. Mark's Episcopal Church in San Marcos, Texas, and members of the Creation Care Committee of the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas (DWTX), as part of a project funded by a Stewardship of Creation Grant from The Episcopal Church. 

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