Diocese of West Texas Creation Care

Introduction to DWTX Creation Care

In the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas we are blessed with a varied home that includes the Gulf of Mexico, barrier islands, bays and estuaries, fertile farm lands, semi-arid rangeland, and rugged hill country. Although these places look tough, they are fragile. This Earth gives us our livelihoods -- the petrochemical industry, agriculture, shipping, fishing, and tourism. For decades these have been points of conflict with conservationists. Your Creation Care Committee desires to work to reconcile these conflicts in ways that are mutually acceptable and even beneficial.

We are created in the image and likeness of God. Our intelligence, creativity, science, technology, love, and compassion are God-given tools to help co-create a “new Heaven and Earth” that offers justice to all its citizens, including humans and all other parts of our complex interactive home.

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