What is Creation Care in the DWTX?

The Episcopal Church has had a long-standing commitment to ecological health and social justice. These are fundamental parts of our Christian faith and calling. But they are more than just things we "ought to do." They are actually pathways to our own deep spiritual development. Following these pathways can bring us joy and peace, even in turbulent times such as ours. Learn more.

We are blessed with a beautiful and rich home that calls us to spiritual development through learning and care. Our home provides our living and supports our lives. Every part of it is sacred because it is God's Creation. The more we learn and understand about our home, the more we will come to appreciate it and love it. Read and watch stories about the meaning of our special home, written and told by fellow Episcopalians. Learn more.

The world is changing as its atmosphere continues to become hotter. But many people distrust scientific information about climate change. Where does scientific information come from and how reliable is it? Learn more.

How might climate change affect the Diocese of West Texas? What might those effects mean for our churches and our people? What challenges and opportunities does this present to the Diocese of West Texas? Learn more.

Christ calls us to a life of service and transformation. The world-wide problems that will result from climate change will ask of us to help people both at home and afar. We will experience transformation as we work to meet those needs. How can we as Christians serve and grow in faith during this time of change? What tools, methods, and resources are available to help us meet the challenges and reap the blessings of living a Christ-like life? Learn more.