How Can the DWTX Practice Creation Care?

The DWTX Creation Care Committee is working to develop programs and materials that individual churches can use for two purposes:

Creation Care is not just about the environment. It is about all of Earth, our island home, including us, our families, and neighbors. It is about making a living as well as living gently on Earth. It is about recognizing our commitments and limitations while at the same time having a vision of what we can be. 

This is not idealistic dreaming. It is what many corporations now practice, called the "triple bottom line," referring to people, planet, and prosperity. 

Apache is a global energy corporation, committed to the triple bottom line of environmental, social, and financial returns. 

The University of Wisconsin Sustainable Management Program provides a short and useful description of the triple bottom line approach to business. 

Texas State University  and UTSA offer degree programs in sustainability. 

This full website, Sacred Earth Community, contains a great variety of information about ways to care for creation in our homes, businesses, and professions